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"I want Machete Ish Records to be a beacon for Hiphop artists and fans looking for ways to come together" ~ Tyler "Krypt Man" Colford, Owner/Artist at Machete Ish Records

Machete Ish Records started as an independent record label to promote the Vermont based rap duo, JynxINC, we strive to give back to our community and help lift artists, of like minds, up out of the dark abyss that is "a starving artist".  
Our mission is to give artists the means to make the music they want to make without fear or risk of censorship from their label.
Machete Ish Records has brought  New Hampshire their first live Wu-Tang performance by, with the priceless help of BURNTmd, bringing Inspectah Deck to Keene as well as REKS.  Alway looking to be a benefactor to his fellow independent artists, Krypto Man invited Lynguistic Civilians, iMHi, JAV and the Cave Boys (who weren't even 21 at the time it we were able to get them in, if only to perform their set) To the Inspectah Deck show.  that was 2009 and it seemed as though Machete Ish Records was was blowing up but it wasn't until 5 years later that Machete Ish Records would become an LLC.
JynxINC came back together and released Conspiracy World Wide Vol. 1 with the help of BenefitCTN and All Wrongz Reserved Vol. II.  Krypto Man would later make contacts with C-Lance of Enemy Soil, who they would get a bulk of their instrumentals from for their upcoming album and Intrinzik of Underground Hustlin' who helped spread their name far and wide on the longest running underground mix tape series to date, UGH.  Intrinzik also helped JynxINC score some great features from the California based punk/rapper Johnny Richter (formerly from Kottonmouth Kings) to the tatted up canadian rapper Madchild (of Swollen Members) and rapper/actor Slaine (from La Coka Nostra). 
late July of 2017 JynxINC opened for Apathy (from the Demigodz) at the Middle East for his Handshakes with Snakes album release party.  a few weeks later Krypto Man hoped on a plane to Denver, Colorado to join Apathy and Celph Tilted for the Handshakes with Snakes tour, thanks again to Intrinzik. Krypto Man met some great people on the road like RI rap group Product of Amerika, the BennyBrown Coat, Sick Twisted Minds, Lobesmatic, Space Captains Collective, Tru One & MC Rome... seriously to many dope artists and fans showed unfathomable love.
almost one year from the beginning of the tour Krypto Man talked to Apathy and found out that he would be around on a mini tour of the north east and was able, with the help of Colby Stiltz and Club Metronome, to bring Apathy back to Burlington, VT, which hasn't happened in around 6 years.
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