Machete Ish Records



JynxINC - Machete Medley 

Released June 20, 2016

1) Supha Buddha Burna -

Eyedos & Krypto Man:
so dope we high /
take you to the other side /
putting Mary J first like it's fallowed by Blige /
we rolling kind, canna butter southern fried / 
Dumping AK rounds like we're going outta style /
Verse 1
Krypto Man:
JynxINC is back with a whole bag of goodies / 
Roll it up, light it up, and feel the THC /
Just a couple miscreants burning up the trees /
Getting psychedelic sipping mushroom tea /
smoked a blunt with a marshal at the P-U-B /
I'm 5 foot 7 and he was shorter than me /
but puffed from the blunt like a champ's supposed to be /
I mean like Micheal Phelps without the apology /
forget getting heate, like a blunt we're getting twisted /
I know what the law is but we're gonna risk it /
like on the T in Boston without a Charlie ticket /
if you got Shwag weed than you say that Charlie sold it /
if the bowl needs a pokin', we use a Spokie Pokie /
kid im not joking, no I'm not Loki /
I'm just sitting hear having a little toké /
after ripping the guts out of a  fat stogie /
re-wrap with green crack, or some blue cheese /
if you got dabs than I got daps, for curtesy /
I aim to make dollars like EPMD /
in am oasis of my own theology /
Eyedos & Krypto Man:
so dope we high /
take you to the other side /
putting Mary J first like it's fallowed by Blige /
we rolling kind, canna butter southern fried / 
Dumping AK rounds like we're going outta style /
2nd Verse
Eyedos & Krypto Man:
so dope we high /
take you to the other side /
putting Mary J first like it's fallowed by Blige /
we rolling kind, canna butter southern fried / 
Dumping AK rounds like we're going outta style
2) G.I.T.M.  Featurin./ Copywrite, BURNTmd, and DJ MF Shalem
1st Verse
Blazin Ls likes Dave Chapelle /
 In Jamaica praise her well /
 Spend your days in hell /
and how he used to say you smell /
 Nike SB's on your wifey's checks Spree /
 Type to get me /
whatever as long as I pipe her gently /
 I rolled the herb and choke more /
you heard I smoke poor /
that's urban folklore /
the fuck you think the bird of cokes for /
 From off of bourbon slow poor / 
  Your bird you swore was so pure /
 Is a virgin no more /
yeah sperm been left her throat sore /
 Play some Al Green /
so I can say some mild things /
 To the world's greatest mom /
while she's naked making owl screams /
 Represent the steel /
deep intent to kill /
wake up take a shit smoke and reinvent the wheel /
your ex-chick wants to throat /
the best kid on the globe /
 Receiving packages of Kush in Netflix envelopes /
 Head but your girl /
fuck the world /
til I'm dead /
Earl got a list of  enemies and referrals /
2nd Verse
 Smoking like a bull call him Toro /
DJ MF Shalem:
3rd Verse
4th Verse
Krypto Man:
yo' we successfully grow /
while we sit and hit the dro /
Indipendent souls /
changing what you think you know /
from the Big Bang theory to Adam and Eve /
I got more tricks up my sleeve /
than this pen is telling me /
causing mass casualties /
with Gorilla War beats /
who you're really dealing with /
are some flowtilla War chiefs /
fuck being discreet /
I'll skeet my load all over your sheets /
what would Jesus not do / 
roleplaying rape you / 
blur out what I have to /
and post it on YouTube /
just another McScrooge /
flicking nipples clits too /
but would you really react /
 Until I clickety-clack /
 And actually attack /
 With magick that's /
beautifully black / 
 Enough in fact /
 To bring Big Pun's big ass back /
 Then you could really see /
the real Terror Squad /
in your Taro cards /
 About that time /
I call upon the Demigodz /
 But to make this really odd /
I was born October 2 /
the same day Gandhi was /
DJ MF Shalem:
3) Gen Next  Featuring./ RuffNEK
4) Machete Medley: Infern / Variable Men / Getting Faded
5) Push Once More  Featuring./ RuffNEK 
I've been pushed too far /
came back swinging /
ready for a fist fight /
sick of y'all bitching /
another bad day /
in the hell im living /
push once more / 
 I'll strike with a vengeance
1st Verse
I'm not a nice guy in fact I'm an asshole /
broke as hell I drive with no gas yo' /
a real fat motherfucker with an attitude /
'cause one of those days I'm not in the mood /
 Step up now my adrenaline is pumping /
get knocked out did you want to say something /
  You know what it's like when you've had too much /
 Feel so sick that your stomach erupts / 
I've been pushed too far /
came back swinging /
ready for a fist fight /
sick of y'all bitching /
another bad day /
in the hell im living /
push once more / 
 I'll strike with a vengeance /
2nd Verse 
One of those days when i don't wanna wake up/
don't give a flying fuck/
roll a blunt and fire it up/
i Superman, get higher up/
we Rob in hoods, no Friar Tuck/
black ski mask on homie, come on and try your luck/
put the sexy back in death, thongs on rifle butts/
the grim hop reapers in hoodies and psycho pumps/
Eyedos a triple threat with Krypto, we roughnecks/
still crippling the best, original suspects/
armed to the teeth like Rambo in the middle of combat/
in camo stepping into contact/with ammo and a long (brrrat)/
I'm a lit fuse dreaming in a bomb shack/
leave you Faceless once you feel how a Godsmack/
on the right path while you wrestle with a wombat/
gas me up, pedal to the metal and I'm on track/
gas faced like a motherfucker headbutt a fuel pump/
loud as Duals in the trunk/
I've been pushed too far /
came back swinging /
ready for a fist fight /
sick of y'all bitching /
another bad day /
in the hell im living /
push once more / 
 I'll strike with a vengeance /
3rd verse
Krypto Man:
Ive been pushed like that hobo with a shotgun /
broke at the bar so how am I supposed to make a  platinum /
run you over with my car and I don't even got one /
 Saying that I'm hard but I mostly make them pop songs /
 Not Charles in charge more like Sheen with a problem /
 I'm obscene my name is Tyler and I'm a goblin /
A bloodsucking leech I'ma icky sea urchin /
sores on my feet I'm a Ragged street merchant /
 Not P Diddy Combs but the bad boys in /
 Can't afford to get a loan but the trailer is broken /
 Making statements but I'm one hell of a bad speller /
 I'll bring you to abasement and I ain't talking about my Cellar /
6) Unknown Artist  Featuring./ J.A.V.
1st Verse
2nd Verse Krypto Man:
Like  Michael Douglas you're not economically viable/
most unknown artists I hear today, I find them laughable/
passable, you want to collab with me?  Than pass the bowl/
cause I spew it stupid, Supernatural/
putrid, poisonous prick, pertaining to capital/ 
Magick spelled with a -K-, forget all of the practical/
even with the punch I pull, you'll be left, lying out cold/
 Like Zack Galifianakis in the movie Out Cold/
salt lick on your lap, bear licking your genitals/
sorry man, I had to laugh, it's not that I am cynical/
I'm Krypto Man of JynxINC, strangling with  tentacles/
stuck up in your mental, taking over your cerebral/
Until I own an army of my own  zombified people/ 
3rd verse Eyedos:
7) Outa Control Featuring./ Johnny Richter and Intrinzik 
8) Forbidden Fruit 
9) Pick Your Poison Featuring./ Capa3
10) Titans  Featuring./ Capa3
11) Three Wize Men Featuring./ Mok Only 
12) Last Chance Saloon Featuring./ Capa3
Eyedos - Guerrilla Bars
Released March 1, 2017
1) Ambushed (Intro)

This is an ambush, I dead heads like the Kennedy's/
or Garcia fans lipping the words to Truckin' on LSD/
cook up destructive recipes, it's the corruptive chef in me/
giving-you-the rundown in this field and break rules like untrusted referees/
hide the pistol, got a toy in the bag like a Happy Meal/
leave ya bleeding while ya kids in a MacDonald's ball pit/
had to waste ya with my boy's in the back n they packing steel/
you're the reason why I spit n attract all the raw shit/
DuPont makes explosives n Dow developed napalm, since/
the same companies make chemicals we spray in our gardens/
for human consumption, I'd rather famish in pain n anger/
got some gorilla bars like a chopper with ape hangers/
more guerrilla bars than a prison in Chechnya, game changer/
going bananas on a track the way I'm dropping crazy bangers/
if it's beef they savor, my styles umami can't mistake the flavor/
drive a stake in a hater while cops sitting outside stake out the neighbors/
Monsanto pesticides causing colony collapse disorder/
costing farmers more to pollinate their crops n back in order/
in the future it'll cost an arm n leg for a glass of water/
free of radiation, n that's if you outlast the slaughter/
vomit words, bile blasting in the porcelain/
housing more wild bastards than an orphanage/
respect like a cult leader, I can make em bow decorously/
turn this up so loud that its violating sound ordinance/
sucker punchlines n murderous quotations/
more persuasive than being coerced by Croatians/
cursing like some Hatians/
them voodoo doll pin up girls are the most banging/
so boss like Al Capone with machine guns n coke slanging/
taking lines like these, ya gonna wind up with ya nose all bloody/
going down in History like sluts give head in social studies/
she wants someone romantic, I need a boning buddy/
now I'm fuckin ranting, handle bars like a stolen Huffy/
keep it heads up in a penny press/
shit, you'll be pressing ya luck when the Henny sets/
in, I'm so fat off the top, my styles heavy set/
with an executioners hood on, I get plenty head/
now, release the guillotine, yeah I'm a basket case/
gone solo, Take A Look Around like Masta Ace/
Han Solo's millennium falcon, I get hella fly/
and I'm a keep slinging ink until the well runs dry/
2) Perfect Crime
I'm back like the L7 kickers in the trunk/
Showtime like the LA Lakers in '81/
it ain't too loud it's just the windows too far down/
you jump when you hear that bass, kick, snare in your town/
tear it down, scaring clowns back to the circus/
Eyedos the main attraction, think deep and hack like a surgeon/
you're just a sideshow, simple-minded scratching the surface/
I'm mad as fuck, first-class dirtbag, rapping wordsmith/
in the lion's mouth, every verse i near danger/
in reality, I'm normal just my words appear stranger/
you bit the forbidden fruit for these creative juices/
n bit a dudes written proof to use it in your music/
betrayed him like Judas, now hes getting sick of this/
you ain't fly, son (sun) when I drop to melt the wax like Icarus/
ridiculous, I'll use their shine as fuel; photosynthesis/
think of this as the first step in the Perfect Crime to getting rich/

This is the perfect crime/
asserting rhymes and versify the words I write/
I'm given the time to work the mic and verbalized personal strife/
you stride to feat, you're on your own/
this pain will leave you much too cold/
it's hard to squeeze blood from a stone/
won't stop you need to touch the gold/
crush the mould/
your life will change before you know it/
watch an explosion of constant devotion pop in a moment/
locked down, I'm breaking out with the lack of topical lotion/
this is alchemy in search for the philosophers stone/
I'm straight up out of my mind, how can you possibly notice?/
when I'm elegant down to my roots like a blossoming lotus/
its like you had your ford boosted, you lost your Focus/
I kill at the rate of a sniper, in between heart beats/
a great white in the cypher, grinning with the shark teeth/
crocodile smiles an acrimonious tones, hold the phone.../
it's off the hook, sharp and acrid, they never look hard or capture/
no book smarts, a victim of tough luck, I took scars and mastered it/

Step n get laced, my tongues explosive on beats/
walking with polymer bonded bombs on both of my sneaks/
run a train on your girl, got her blowing off steam/
stampeding with my brethren, a league of atrocious man beasts/
impressing headlines, I'm wearing hats that are too tight/
this is food for thought, couldn't beat the taste in a food fight/
move like shinobi assassins in shadows with kunais/
learn the ropes, have you dragged to the gallows where you'll die/
boondock saints to the track, execution by dual nines/
tinderbox ablaze, I dominate, you adding fuel to mine/
cinder blocks will break, I watch my weight, a fat dude in a trailer/
on a diet, start a riot with black suits and they tailored/
I'm Sephiroth with Genova's cells, a long swordsman/
the doc's got you catchin shells, a long shore man/
beefin' grills, George foreman beating poor sportsman's/
A1 steak sauce on all four courses/
3) Madd Whirled
A wizard with Gargamel's grimoires and a criminal in the middle of bloodshed/
Butthead's with Beavis when malevolent women never giving up brain, they Undead/
so i bang cannons for fun, that's fornication with guns/
drop clips heavy hitting as Captain Caveman in the club/
i'm Mr. J when i'm up in her guts, on a Harley I'm revving her up/
while on Molly not giving a fuck/
spitting on my lumber to give em the wood to make an Angry Beaver split/
while ya bumpin fists like the Wonder Twins/
Peter Parker shooting the web, I target practice with a router/
networking with this caliber, Silver Surfing passed your browser/
activate my powers on Kush clouds high as can be/
plotting schemes in Darkseed's secret society/
never gonna recover from my Bars even seeking sobriety/
sound like Thing looks in Fantastic Four, hardbody/
you aint a super villain baby, who kidding?/
I've been an evil genius since I was a fetus, Stewie Griffin/
crush walls with Juggernauts libido, a hard head/
you can say it's hard to death like Doomsday to Clark Kent/
slay em with a sharp edge, the reason they fail to conquer/
Kletus Kassidy bent on revenge, leaving a trail of Carnage/

A villain with a bone to pick, I'm Skeletor dissing He-Man/
Scooby doo up fat doobies in the back of the mystery van/
Super heroes with these bars like the Gotham city lounge n boozing/
you front with steel like Shredder while i stay underground with mutant/
ninja turtles, consuming juice til you get the spins, vinyl grooving/
disc jockey bruiser smoking Fraggle Rock, drink toxic sewage/
couldn't make a flyer team with Woodstock n Snoopy/
Eyedos a mighty Underdog spit boxing these wookiees/
you just learning the breaks, dude while I'm karate schooling/
Kung Fooey kick ya Jabber Jaw hearing em laugh it off, with ya Versace ruined/
Cookie Monster smoking crumble, on that biscotti doobage/
murder ink like Irv Gotti do it/
rotten as Liberace's jeweler's/
I'm Fred Flintstoned when I yaba dabba do dabs/
biker mice from Mars on Martian cheese and bubble hash/
make pussies cum to me like Lion-O n the thundercats/
I'm running this shit Wile E. (He's) Coyote, falling for another trap/

a mad world on magic truffles n comic strips of acid/
need some direction but a Cheshire Cat is grinning in my path/
lost as Alice falling down a hole chasing that white rabbit/
stark raving mad off the top sipping on peyote tea with the hatter/
smoking a hookah with a caterpillar, seeing psychedelic patterns/
sit, observe and take notes/
pineapple purp and mango/
twisting as I host shows coast to coast like I was a space ghost/
scape goat/
Super Mario Bros with a Ruger flipping shells/
hit Koopa Troopas, flip Harvey Dent's coin down a wishing well/
always on a bitches lips as if they love to kiss n tell/
battle demons call me Al Simmons, bitch now picture hell/

Mad world, it's a mad mad world/
got every head turning while I'm rolling face/
mad world, it's a mad mad world/
call me nuts with a monkey wrench as I'm going ape/
mad world, it's a mad mad world/
undetected on this craft, better word, a stow away/
mad world, it's a mad mad world/
keep telling me I'm mad, when they'll never go away/
4) Dead Ringer   feat./ Trono

Raising hell like the parents of Anneliese Michel/
breaking spells and the femurs of demons testing my sanity as well/
taking your money unarmed like a double amputee who sells/
do my duty, guard these bars n I don't handle keys to cells/
a Viking on the mic, my roots are Icelandic/
got em observing a star, that's solar dynamics/
call me son you staring too long, resulting in eye damage/
smoke an L looking italic the way that my "I" is slanted/
F with the E, it'll bite ya in the end, that's LIFE damnit/
speak to my dogs n get merked with the gat bust/
lady killer on your hands like you gave berkowitz a backrub/
pop a bubble butt, your girl murdered in a bathtub/
the grim sleeper put you to rest/
I binge on ether, flirting with death/
a super villain with the grill of Mr. Kent and a computer on the desk/
leaping a buildin with a single bound, this evil doer is a threat/
yeah, living the dream that makes Freddy Krueger cower/
holes in your plot, shootin crops n let the Ruger shower/
in the booth with a business suit flexing superpowers/
Lex Luther status, stacking up my stories you watching the music tower/

I'm steady breaking the Sound barrier when ya ass couldn't pass wind/
and shaking the surrounding area with a pad n black pen/
just to shake the past I need to take some dabs/
cut to the chase in this game like its razor tag/
power trip when I'm taking the roids with an acid tab/
peeping the shock value more than a taser with a price tag/
I'm Raiden when I fight back/
eat ya words when you bite raps/
from my shit then shit again so give your compliments to the chef/
shock em in-da-Net, I'm Cyrax with a bomb in his chest/
blowing up, Bizarro with eyes on the back of his head/
few can touch me, get super that's freeze vision n flame breath/
the cold daggers I'm looking n spitting the fire until hero's are laid to rest/

The dead ringer, put you in a deep rest quicker/
might be the dead ringer of your favorite dead singer/
Dead ringer, a fuckin guaranteed head splitter/
put it down, not a dog flaring teeth who gets sicc-er/
5) Men Of War
This Rottweilers been rock bottom, need gwap often/
couldn't put a stop on this beast with a shock collar/
shot caller, gotta shotgun to the talk button/
Don Dada so off the hook I let these lines drop on em/
bout to blow up like the nose of Tony Montana/
fuck your fam, I got fans sharp as Princess Katana's/
get higher with that super leaf like Super Mario 3/
can't stop bodying beats, the music is calling to me/
more bars for my keep than the castle ruins of Zakimi/
my jargon is unique, I'm the genie granting you defeat/
damaging prestige, rub me the wrong way and I'm banishing emcees/
to the darkest deepest caverns inhabited with carnivorous creatures/
the farthest reaches of a twisted realm that's far more macabre than Narnia seems and/
I think I'll just take it one step further and murder any nerd with surgically syllabic workmanship/
they never had a prayer, I'm taking em to church again/

I like rockin from light pockets to mic dropping/
and fight goblins, a cyclops n a night watchmen/
it's eye popping, light pot from the Sherlock, my dear Watson/
a breeze coming off of the head like my jeans crotchless/
a Sergio Leone flick, ready up three coffins/
with a Fist Full of Dollars, boy I'll destroy ya posse/
running through zombie land with a Brooklyn smasher/
you ain't dropping hot shit, it's just the toilet talking/
leaning like Pisa/
easily fiending sativa/
Rollin on E like I need a/
fill of gasoline to the meter/
they askin how I breathe ether/
don't ask if ya not fit for beefing/
Eyedos get so high from reefin/
elevating further with the kief in/
driving you nuts with cashew stashed in the trunk/
bashin a punk to a bloody pulp then put an axe to his guts/
open em up like tobacco from blunts/
this is passionate stuff/
and it got me catching a buzz/
battle n wash it down with a glass of Dracula's blood/

I'll stay armed to the teeth, ransacking with my brethren/
til I gotta colostomy bag with a dagger in my dentures/
the man of war, I took a sabbatical to center/
my energy, recognize when the saboteur has entered/
syntactical measures, with Jutsu like Master Splinter/
in the NYC underground scene tryna battle ninjas/
deceptive as the words of politicians furthering agendas/
Judge Dredd off psycho meds, I can't stop murdering defendants/
off the record with a hit, man like Murder, Inc./
and not Irv Gotti's record label, leaving ya shirt all burgundy/
it's all a blur to me drinking while I burn the purple tree/
love is a battlefield, fuckin so loud I'm sure it disturbs the peace/
strapping I'm fuckin under arms like ya put my dick in a headlock/
making the bed rock giving her Barney Rubbles like I was Mel Blanc/
gotta be in the zoo buggin to break out, they wanna put a gorilla up in a cell block/
cause I be the one who caught a case like a bellhop/
armadillo fucking a socket, I'm a shell shock/
11) Hostile Takeover 

Leather Face with a chain saw /
but better taste than Jeffrey Dahmer /
injecting H, your life heron /
blow out ya brains, Kobain in thought /
shit ain't right on Purple Haze like Jimi when he played guitar /
dextrocardia, my hearts in the right place and my squad's /
some mutants unified, a bunch of screwy guys /
stick my dick in the clockwork and I call it "doing time" /
sickest scenarios ever thought of from the human mind /
fans are zombies n all of them hungry when the music's right /
Todd Shaw, your lives are Too Short so I'll off ya'll /
midgets going through chemo, they wanna see me low balled (bald) /
bout to drop fast like an outlaw with a slow draw /
raise the bar you couldn't leap even if you pole vault /
you pushing base like Primus /
blow went up in your sinus /
blowing up in your mind like ya know ya drugs are the finest /
sewn up in a line with my custom tailored rhyming /
I'm drunk with power like a motherfuckin hammered tyrant /
tearing hymens, fuck a pussy up and I gave it a pair of diamonds /
too, silence you n those fighting words, make some dude a violent mute /
albino brute in the zoo but you turning white like vitiligo do /
never see me coming like a happy ending from a blind masseuse /
this dudes berserk letting the Buddha burn,
putting my duty first like this was some sewage work /
get a grip universally super firm so you can move the earth /
or lose your turn like a doorknob covered in lubriderm /

Broke every principle, I was a bad student /
drag you under, fill ya lungs with fluid like Rasputin /
rap mutants keep it moving, ya stuck in the trap movement /
acid rap music, my team looking like a hazmat unit /
unfazed by violence, we cold as Vladimir Putin /
or a gathering of skull n bones in Kashmir suits /
women jump my bones, you gangbang in a skeleton crew /
forehead at gunpoint, give you bangs like Penelope Cruz /
finger itches in a Honda, while I bang in my Element too /
I'm fly as shit and ya'll take me for some pelican poop /
rolling with my clique, on Molly n I'm low on these clips /
hard as fuck, I'll carve your tombstone with my dick /
giving the face of time a close shave with Occam's Razor /
lady killer n Doppleganger of the Boston Strangler /
the roof is on fire while they flooding the foyer /
and on that note, i rest my case like a narcoleptic lawyer /

Bad to the bone, Dos sat on the throne like Skeletor /
this here is legacy of Kain with a Celtic sword /
brothers on the hunt for blood, we hellbent on war /
sayin the remedies change but I've never felt so poor /
bipolar microphone soldier with emotional instability /
soon to be super-star like Mario's invincibility /
a chemical dependency; acid, schrooms and ecstasy /
had your lady goin ass to mouth like the human centipede /
mercenary with carbines, bury the ruthless enemies /
punchlines so brutal that I can make you see 10 of me /
Charles Xavier, battle with mental telepathy /
spartan behavior, so cutting-edge I'm beheading most any beast /
cooking up classics like ya grannies recipes /
see another side of me if you standing next to me /
I'm dressed to kill and my music is to die for /
terminate your fam like a futuristic cyborg /


this ain't over /
I'm drunk with power and I can't sober /
This is poetry in motion /
This my psychosis /
This a hostile takeover /
12) Focused 
Keeping it goin on til the break of dawn/
deep in the zone I'm gone when I'm making songs/
in the booth I'm Hardrada and Zosimos on production/
word to my forefathers, paying homage over drumkits/
Eyedos on many a hit like I roll with the punches/
pyro with a flamethrower, bitch ya gotta love it/
speaking of fire I drink n breathe ether/
leave the scene creeping/
you can't reason with the reaper/
roll on my enemies, aint nobody wanna take me for a light sleeper/
crystal clear like beasters/
with a beer n wife beater/
every time I get a motherfucker opening their mouth/
when I spit up in the cypher, showin em what I'm all about/
flowing, I rumble in a bout/
sure to get pummeled to the ground/
throwing em under cars n bounce/
knowin they humbled by the sound/
till I'm outa line, so much blow that it's numbing at the mouth/
while I'm polishing my crown/
you're a bad joke n I'm not one to clown/

The virtuosic psychopomp/
n verbally toxic eidolon/
breathe in emission I idle on, loving the cyanide in my Tylenol/
keeping the sickness on record, syndromic surveillance/
I'm so jaded and vindictive with this shit I body assailants/
you shaking with a biscuit like Michael J. at Bojangles/
I'm a take you out baby with a coat hanger, we so fatal/
cross between Niccolo Paganini and Charlie Manson/
playing these strings of destruction, this shit can charm a banshee/
or sirens with violent violins in this orchestra of madness/
composing a symphonious cadence with porcelain syntactics/
talking shit but looking sharp cause my corneas are daggers/
the rhythm that makes em come together like simultaneous orgasms/
make you believe as if my legacies ratified by Constantine/
this rap is a no-brainer, malpractice during lobotomy/
go Russian like Edward Snowden exposing big brother watching me/
unfolding the blueprints of a new world in prophecies/

Any bar I'm lighting up n sending em a round of shots, they sound like glass/
jaw shattering as a matter of fact, I'm underground bossing around in rags/
out of my brain, blazing the heady strain and a pound of hash/
come to close n I'm bound to snap, best believe the hell hound is back/
once all hell broke loose, off the chain gone Cerberus/
a murderous big shot, permanent Berkowitz serving a merc n a burna gon bust/
been cursed like the Bambino, when life throws you a curve you miss/
jet the set on my second wind, leaving you feeling the turbulence/
free fall like a falcon with bombshells for eggs/
do footwork making this art official (artificial) as if I have prosthetic legs/
up n coming under the radar, ejaculating in stealth fighter jets/
you trembling where the snakes are, I'm as hot as hell's fire gets/
Eye's message is set in stone like a Masonic diamond set/
so fucking ungodly, a demon leaving a nuns hymen wrecked/
a hell raiser, I'm bound to get it popping/
as if pinhead had a fetish for fucking waterbeds and bondage/

All my goons here we go, this is it yeah/
Making moves, i stay focused n driven/
You in my lane, out my way or get hit bitch/
See me downtown, better bow down/
13) Scoping

Sharp as a sniper rifle with fiber optic precision/
wanna put a knife to Eyedos in cyphers boxing his wisdom/
bang da boogie, who shot the psycho n hired to off any witness/
strangle rookies with fiber wire n mark em off of my shit list/
a head of my time; that's Walt Disney's noggin in a frozen state/
making a prophet (profit) off the head, John the Baptist on a silver plate/
and we goin toe to toe, so fuck a mic I'm crossing steel with a ronins blade/
holding a flag of iron in place like Minamoto the First Shogun's reign/
elbow struck in the face when ya guard is down like Derrick Rose's game/

I'm fly as fuck, get ya bars up when I'm in the sky with the mile high club/
try your luck motherfucker when the minutes fly by your time is up/
go bonkers backing up Technique, metabolically my styles evolving/
diss goblins on their own beats, talking Bolic on Tyler's Yonkers/
man with honor, watch me move units like command & conquer/
have you shaking more than the face of R.A. The Rugged Man in concert/
they don't wanna bend the brim, flatten ya like stickers on new era hats/
couldn't get more laughs if you were gassed up in Drew carry's ass/
shoot the shit n break wind, blowing out that blueberry hash/
take another pussy to pet cemetery, i do bury cats/

bury hatchets in my foes, you'll find me scalping at their shows/
they robbed me blind, now I'm outa sight n outa cash to blow/
got my stripes in the reign while tyrants showering the globe/
in its final hour, excelling to a higher power, set in stone/
thy insight insurmountable with a snipers Mauser n a scope/
from an ivory tower, they down below/
firing rounds then pins get pulled/
in battle we bout to blow with the shrapnel I now explode/
these habits are how I'm broke with a dagger under my cloak/
gone shell shock, that's Bowser in the tub with a toaster/
no gun I can holster but I bare arms n tear em apart/
with Bruce Banner barbarian bars, break an Aryans jaw/
a cut above the rest of these pussies, every line's a cesarean scar/
I go balls to the wall, they dick in around like a glory hole/
go shopping at malls to beat you down n bring ya shorty home/
dropping gems while I got you running all them jewels/
when shit gets outa hand, we just some monkeys in a zoo/
buzzing on this riot juice, smelling nothing but trouble when it brews/

I'm scoping in [yeah]
We goin in [now]
I slowly in [hale]
N blowing piff [out]
My flows'll im [pale]
Still broke as shit [wow]
So go n get [help]
Bout to burn this bitch [do
18) Reminisce   feat./ SkySplitterInk 

I look back and reminisce on what I could've been/
never shook my head at tripping on DXM n Sudafed/
lose ya breath when I rap, this pugilist will bruise your chest/
improving your rep to bridge the gap like it was Buda+Pest/
losing interest in what life has to offer/
lose your will to live n life ain't so prosper/
life hands you piss so you destroying crates of lemons/
staying higher than the unemployment rate in Yemen/
go viral, heads are turning to book this Eyedos/
a pyro, inspired by the burning of books in Cairo/
they say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing/
so I'm paying homage to see what the Angels will bring/
a life net, catch a body from so high I be gettin buzz/
you surrounded by bodies like the Somali Peninsula/
on some Molly n DiMiTri, still broke n stuck on my hustle/
punch lines til I bleed in the coke n bust up my knuckles/
19) Glimmer 
We're drifting on these clouds, our minds are in a haze/
searching silver linings, slowly showing signs of grey/
wasting precious time while you're tryna find a way/
I'm waiting next to shine, ya hits won't see the light of day/
(I'm waiting next in line...)

Everywhere I've been and anywhere I've gone/
and everything I've seen has taken me this far/
they tell you to say this and want you to do that/
the doc says ya too thin, Hollywood thinks ya too fat/
you wither on the vine while I'm mapping a new path/ain't nobody wanna get wit the wizard of Boom Bap/in a set with a cavity while leaving your crew capped/
bet I'm on shroom caps n whizzing a few passed/
news flash, I'm a fun guy (fungi) n/
party animal tripping on psilocybin/
synesthesia, see the taste of your silence/
sounds in your virus givin away shapes in your iris/
psycho political advertisement, I'm bringing a veteran down with the flick of my wrist/
I'm in it for bliss but I be sick of the gimmicks so fuck any critic who ain't wit it, they can drink up this piss/
I'm Richard Kuklinski on the right hit/
criminal with an ice pick killing it when I write hits/
acrobatical vocab, so merciless every verse is scripted with a surgeon's wrist/
leaving the minute hand shaking, that's a nervous tick/
gimme those shoes when I'm through man I spit it for kicks/
I'm Goku in the vocal booth, chewing iboga root/
flowing n motivated with the metaphors, so prolific/
its biophysical, now try to listen to how the signs develop n evolve/
writing my lyrics in hieroglyphics, so pyrolytic get incinerated with the napalm/

It's as simple as night n day/
was easy to bite the bait/
this struggle between my music and a passionate type of lady/
reeks of havoc but the smell of her fragrance can drive you crazy/
hold the floor with a price to pay/
flow for sure, I'm a tidal wave/
then again, relationships never end with a smiley face/
pounding ya chest like a primate got her swinging her fists in a blind rage/
tailoring lies, sweat til what they fabricate/
is breaking at the seams while the threading unravels n frays/
chasing after my dreams til they have gotten away/
the friend that got in the way only to get socked in the face/
particular with the rhythm but I'm lost in my ways/
gorilla with ammunition, never tossing the K/
giving the minimal of a clip-full of innovative projectiles syllabicating murder when I'm locked n I aim/
paid assassin, drop a hit/
put a hit out on a rapper, drop em quick/
talking like Nicole Cox with a lot of lip/
I'm in this bitch, Botox n the collagen/
still in the bars, more shots n I swallow gin/
tip of the jaw like you boxing with Robinson/
tripping to Mars, Eyedos in a rocket ship/
mister bizarre, a psycho on a Molly bing
JynxINC x Supreme Villain - Variable Men / Inferno